​Duration of Stoning of the Devil is reduced to 12 hours this year

Due to stampede occurred last year at Mina during Jamarat that caused a number of deaths the authorities this year decided to reduce the Jamarat timings for Hajj pilgrims. 

Saudi newspapers Arab News and Saudi Gazette published that that time of stoning of the Devil at Jamarat is been reduced to 12 hours in order to make sure there will be no mismanagement or stampede cause this year just like the previous one. The stoning process will start on 11th September as per to the schedule and will continue for three consecutive days.
According to AFP, the Hajj ministry announced that the pilgrims will not be allowed to perform stoning from 06:00AM to 10:30AM on the day one, 02:00PM to 06:00PM on day two and 10:30 to 2:00PM on the day three. Apart from these timings, they will have the permission to perform the Stoning in the form of groups and in a complete organized manner. 

Saudi Gazette mentioned the statement of Vice secretary of the ministry Hasnain Al-Sharif that, “the procedure of delayed or reduced timings will help the pilgrims to perform Jamarat in an effective manner and also reduce the chances of any stampede or tragedy during these days.” But, furthermore, he didn’t explain the how it will be effective and helpful to reduce the risks of any damage or will make the things smooth and organized for the pilgrims. From the ministry, there is no such plan is shared that will actually help to understand the logic. 

The tragic stampede happened last year was a massive one that ever happened in the history and engulfed a number of pilgrims to death. The incident happened at the corner five-floor bridges at Jamarat where almost 3million pilgrims perform their obligations. At that time the pilgrims present over there reasoned the poor management and blocked routes in the hard temperature by the police for the stampede.    

Tragic stampede incident

Prince Muhammad Bin Naif ordered to investigate the incident at that time but still there is no report issued about the happenings and answering the questions or allegations. While on the other hand ministry and management is taking all the necessary and required steps to ensure the safety of the pilgrims and to avoid any kind of such happening in the current year.