Evolution in Hajj


Makkah has been a sacred place for the Muslims over centuries, day by day the numbers of the pilgrims have been increasing and that has brought a dynamic change in the surroundings.It is said that the necessity is the mother of invention; likewise, the Saudi government had to change not only the infrastructure but also the means of transport to control and manage the pilgrims for the Hajj.

Evolution in hajj has been observed since decades now, as Islam has been spreading day by day, the number of pilgrims has been welcomed in the holy city of Islam. Saudi Government has to treat about 3 million pilgrims every year for the sake for Hajj.

In olden days, people use to travel by foot and they traveled for months and days to get the glimpse of Khana Kaba for the hajj. Then came the time of ships, but soon it all changed and the fastest means of transport become the source of attraction, the airplanes.

Not only the transport evolved but also the infrastructure, they had to build multiple floors of tracks for the pilgrims to do tawaf during hajj. They also made an extra track solely for the aged and paralyzed people. Within time, new buildings immersed such as the Makkah clock tower which is known to be of the biggest clocks every made. These infrastructural changes have brought a great change. 

New tracks made for the pilgrims

 The famous Makah clocks tower 

Currently, the on-going project is of Al-Bar, their core of work depends on upon the expansion of the Masjid-al-Haraam in which they have to add more space about 400k square meters for the pilgrims. There are other several projects for the betterment of the Hajjis and to provide them with enough accommodation.

New proposed project for the expansion of Masjid – e- Haram 

Hajj is a very religious journey that involves days of Jeddah , the evolution in hajj was a necessity that had to be addressed by the people for the better good.Hajj has a religious significance and that can’t be denied, the evolution was done not only for the pilgrims but also for the sake of easiness. New methods and ways had to be chosen to accommodate the pilgrims and their needs. These methods have proven to be effective for better good.

The change has always been observed since the start of the time. The hajj has been always been evolving. Be it the times when the Khana Kaba was first built, it was made of stone and all the other surroundings were mainly not developed yet, time by the time the works were done on the Makah and Medina to make the hajj more convenient for all the pilgrims. Recently there has been work going on for the new project of Haramain High-speed rail network, which will establish a fast means of railway track between the Makah and medina. The distance between these two cities will be decreasing by this spectacular project.The tents in Mina were also developed during the last years,there was a fire incident that happened in the year 1997. After that new tent was made which were not only fireproof but also were centrally air conditioned.

By the increase in the number of pilgrims, more deaths and casualties have been taking place. This has brought upon a critical situation over the Government of Saudi to control and manage the crowd more efficiently with their services and facilities in order to make Hajj better for all the pilgrims who are traveling.

Even for the sake of the safety of the pilgrims, facilities are provided to the people. There are approximately about 12000 buses that are used for the transportation of the people to make their journey convenient. It was also reported that about 60,000 volunteers assist on each weekend for helping the people in performing Hajj.