Crane Collapse in Makkah: Trial to start soon

​In the unique setting of Hajj pilgrimage, it is unsurprising that accidents and injuries occur. As pilgrims may walk long distances through or close to dense traffic and busy roads, road traffic vehicle accidents are a potential hazard. Same is the case of the last year crane crash on a grand Mosque in Makkah where 107 Hajj pilgrims lost their lives when a working crane from the upper side working environment toppled them down to earth and almost 2 weeks were utilized to find the dead bodies under the crash side.


Now the news is spreading everywhere that 2 Saudi employees with the site chief engineer would face trials against the killing of the innocent pilgrims during Hajj last year in 2015 a native news agency reported on Tuesday. Innocent people relatives have also filed a case against the Saudi Government in the Qazi court of Makah; many of the victims were from Iran.

Saudi Government is very firm for taking them to justice soon as possible, the reporting agency also added that they may be hanged until death or even suffers lifetime prison in Saudi jail. It will be revealed soon what will happen to these three people.