Whenever it is about the ancient mosques of Islam one of the prior names that come to a discussion is of Masjid – e – Quba. Quba is a small town in the outlying environs of Madina Saudi Arabia. At the time of Migration from Makah to Madina, the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) laid the foundation of very first mosque of Islam Masjid-e-Quba. When the Holy Prophet reached near Madina along with his friend Hazrat Abu Bakar (R.A) he laid the foundation of this mosque and offered short prayer there. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) stayed there for 14 days to wait for the other companions there and resume his journey towards Madina.


The mosque was just based on single prayer area when it was founded but at present now it is one of the grand mosques near Madina where a number of Muslims came one regular basis to perform prayers. In the 20th century the Abdel – Wahed El – Wakil decided to redesign the mosque and the older structure was demolished with a new latest one. The latest structured mosque consists of a rectangular prayer hall that is connected into a cluster with residential areas, offices, ablution facilities, shops and a major library. At present, it is an advanced and corporate mosque that facilitates a number of people to offer their prayers here regularly.

With the passage of time the mosque passed through a number of construction and modification phases, all four Caliphs do make a number of alternations and improvements to the structure of the mosque according to the recent requirements of the time. Moreover to that Caliph Omar Bin Abdul Aziz built the very first minaret of the mosque in his rule. In the years 555, 671, 773, 840 and 841AH Masjid – e – Quba got a number of successful modifications that bring a huge change to its structures and appearances. During the rule of Ottoman Empire in the year 1245, AH Sultan Abdul Majid made the recent developments in the mosque’s structure later on which were modified by the Saudi Religious Affairs according to the Arabian architecture.
In 1986, when the mosque was restructured by the authorities they kept the Madina architecture in consideration and make sure that everything will be completely fine and smooth as well. The central praying area of Masjid – e – Quba is constructed with an inner courtyard and has six large white domes out of them one is a little larger one, the domes covers all four boundaries of the mosque. The inner courtyard simply adds on the beauty and attraction to the mosque. In the Masjid – e – Quba there is a range of more than twenty thousand followers to offer prayer at a time collectivity. In the mosque, there is a specialized area for women followers to come and perform their prayers in the holy mosque.

After a number of modifications and alterations, we can witness the Masjid – e – Quba in its present state when it is an amazing piece of architecture with amazing facilities of air conditioning, better prayer space and much more. Masjid – e – Quba of the present age full fills all the requirements of the latest and upgraded mosques in Saudi Arabia and welcomes thousands of visitors from all over the world around the year but especially in the month of Ramadan and Hajj. Masjid – e – Quba also has a library that is more over like a learning place for the student of Islam who came here to study and learn more about the religion. It is a fully functional mosque that is regulated by the managers and performs all the important functions of the mosque that were actually initiated from this mosque only by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).


From the Islamic historical point of view Masjid – e – Quba has its very own importance and it has been highlighted in the Holy Quran and also by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). It is the most famous saying of Holy Prophet (PBUH) that a person who performs prayer at Masjid – e – Quba will get the reward equivalent to Umrah. In the reference of the Holy Hadith a number of Muslims who came for Umrah, Hajj or any visit use to come to Masjid – e – Quba and perform prayers there while seeking the blessings of Allah. By performing prayers at Masjid – e – Quba a follower can get dual benefit once is he gets reward equivalent to Umrah and secondly he will follow a Sunnah that will be a prestigious act from his side and he will be rewarded more by the Allah Almighty. As for the historical references by the companions of Holy Prophet (PBUH) use to visit Masjid-e-Quba more often and offer prayers there and spend some time as well.

It is highly recommended to all the followers who came there in Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj or Umrah that they should visit Masjid – e – Quba at least for once and seek the reward. Along with all the blessings, the mosque is itself a blessing and a benchmark for Muslims as it was the ancient and very first mosque of Islam. Especially for the kids, it is really much important to be updated and aware about the Masjid – e – Quba as the most integral part of Islamic history. The importance of Masjid – e – Quba in Islam is too much because the importance of mosque in Islam is at a prior level. All the teachings of the religion that held at the mosque and it are the center place that lets every follower come here together and share spends time together. It is one of the best social gathering places where people come together for five prayers a day, a grand prayer on Jummah and on both of the Eid days as well. Mosque in Islam basically lets the whole community be together and share all their problems and tensions together. The base of everything that is related to mosque starts from Masjid – e – Quba that’s why it have it's very own and special importance for all Muslims.