The Last Sermon



The Pilgrimage of the Holy Prophet (Sallallah-o-alaih-e-wasallam) may appropriately be known as the coming full circle point in his Prophetic career. It was the 63rd year of the Prophet's life which harmonized with the end of the tenth of Hijra that he chose to perform Hajj, whichever, passes by the name of Hajja-tul-Wada.
The Prophet's (
Sallallah-o-alaih-e-wasallam) main goal, had, at this point, been finished to all expectations and purposes. To a people saturated with the lack of awareness, he gave light and roused them with faith in Allah, the sole Maker, Expert and Sustainer of the Universe.

To a divided mass, occupied with never-ending fighting, He gave solidarity of thought and activity. He had uncovered the adoration for God and His will to humankind and had given it a noticeable expression by establishing a general public on the premise of exemplary nature, devotion, and God-cognizance, the like of which is not to be found in the entire history of humankind. To put it plainly, Syedna Muhammad (
Sallallah-o-alaih-e-wasallam) had conveyed to mankind the last Truth with all its important ramifications.

The culmination of His Prophetic mission inferred His takeoff from this natural home to the eminent dwelling place. The Holy Prophet (
Sallallah-o-alaih-e-wasallam) had unmistakably envisioned it. He, in this manner, chose to give the completing touch to his huge work and engraving its remarkable focuses on the psyches of his committed adherents with the goal that they may dependably keep before them the arrangement of life-qualities articulated by Islam. It was with this article in perspective that messages were sent to all parts of Arabia welcoming individuals to go along with him in this awesome Pilgrimage.

Important Message:

The motivation behind this data is to affirm the announcements made by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) amid his goodbye address amid the last journey (10 AH).
In the wake of commenting and saying thanks to God, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) said,

“Cordial people, pay attention to my words painstakingly for I know not whether I will meet you at such an event once more."

Responsibility and Trust

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said
Sermon: Cordial people, pretty much as you respect this month, this day, this city as consecrated, so respect the life and property of each Muslim as a hallowed trust. Keep in mind that you will, in reality, show up before God and answer for your activities.
In the Holy Quran, it is characterized as
Quran: On the off chance that anybody slaughtered a man unless it is a homicide or spreading fiendishness on earth it would be as it, he murdered the entire humanity, and in the event that any individual who spared an existence, it would be as though he spared the life of entire humankind (5:32).
At that point on that day, not a spirit will be wronged at all and you should yet be paid ahead of time in the necessities of your past deeds (36:54).

Interest or Ribah

Regarding Interest which is Haram from the beginning Holy Prophet PBUH said
Sermon: "All duty of interest should stand drop and you will have just your capital back. Allah has taboo interest and I drop the levy of interest payable to my Uncle Abbas ibn Abdul Muttalib."
In the Holy Quran, it is written as
Quran: "You who trust dread God and discount anything that remaining parts extraordinary from loaning at interest in the event that you are (genuine) God and His Errand person On the off chance that you apologize you may retail your important don't wrong and you won't be wronged" (2:278).

Treatment of wife (Companion)
Ladies are not having need before the time of Holy Prophet PBUH .They was dealt with like a creature. In any case, on the last sermon Holy Prophet PBUH said
Sermon: "Gracious individuals, your spouses have a specific directly over you and you have a specific directly over them. Treat them well and be benevolent to them for they are your dedicated accomplices and committed partners.
Quran: "Accommodate them the rich as indicated by his pay and the poor as per his methods, procurement as per the custom. This is a commitment for the individuals who act benevolently" (2:236). "Treat them obligingly regardless of the possibility that you detest them, Maybe you hate something in which God has set much good" (4:19).

Cautioning about Satan
Satan who is the greatest adversary of the Muslims, to keep from the catch of his hand Our Adored Blessed Prophet (PBUH) said
Sermon: "Be careful with Satan, he is urgent to redirect you from the love of God so be careful with him in matters of your lifestyle."
In Quran, Allah said
Quran: “Satan is an adversary to you so regard him as a foe. He just welcomes his devotees that they have may get to be colleagues of the bursting fire" (35:6).

All Muslims are sibling of one another, to make this at the top level our Holy Prophet(PBUH) include this also in the last sermon :
Sermon: "Goodness you
individual's listen precisely. Every one of the adherents is siblings. You are not permitted to the things having a place with another Muslim unless he offers it to you enthusiastically."
Quran: "Adherents are however siblings so set things directly between your siblings and apprehension God with the goal that you may discover leniency" (49: 1 0).

Watch the pillar of Islam
Islam is remaining on the five pillar if any pillar gets fall then it is bad for the Muslims upon the arrival of Judgment
Sermon: "Perceive me out surely. Love God and offer recommended petition, watch fasting in the month of Ramadan and pay the poor-due."
Quran: "And build up the endorsed supplication, rehearse standard philanthropy and bow down with the individuals who bow down" (2:43). "Goodness you who think, fasting is recommended to you as it was endorsed to those before you that you may learn poise" (2:183).

Muhammad was the last prophet
A standout amongst the most essential, it is respected the Last Prophet, Errand person of Allah or it is otherwise called "Khatam-i-Nabawout".
Sermon: "Gracious individuals, no prophet or detachment will come after me and no new confidence will develop."
Quran: "Muhammad is not the father of any of you men but rather he is God's Detachment and the Seal of Prophets. God knows about everything" (33:40).